Future Plans

DAMON is still on its first stage. Below plans are still under development.

Automate Data Access Monitoring-based Memory Operation Schemes Execution

The ultimate goal of DAMON is to be used as a building block for the data access pattern aware kernel memory management optimization. It will make system just works efficiently. However, some users having very special workloads will want to further do their own optimization. DAMON will automate most of the tasks for such manual optimizations in near future. Users will be required to only describe what kind of data access pattern-based operation schemes they want in a simple form.

By applying a very simple scheme for THP promotion/demotion with a prototype implementation, DAMON reduced 60% of THP memory footprint overhead while preserving 50% of the THP performance benefit. The detailed results can be seen on an external web page [1].

Several RFC patchsets for this plan are available [2].